Month: March 2020

Knee Replacement: Prepare for Personal Finances After Surgery

knee surgery

Invasive surgery, requiring hospitalization, can lead to a variety of personal issues that must be addressed to ensure finances and family needs are met.

If you are preparing for double knee replacement surgery, it is important to consider these aspects of your personal family finances prior to undergoing surgery.

For most patients who undergo a major surgical event, the focus of finances is often related to the health insurance coverage of the surgical procedure. But, in addition, it is important to also address insurance coverage of post-operative rehabilitation and home nursing services when undergoing a double knee replacement surgery.

Unlike a minor procedure, such as acne laser scar skin treatment, a double knee replacement surgery is a major event and often leads to weeks of rehabilitation, therapy, immobility, and many months of medication usage.

For this reason, be sure that you are prepared, financially, for the impact the medical services and prescription drugs will have on your personal family finances. Deductibles, co-insurance, and stop-gap coverage all need to be addressed.

In addition to insurance coverage for the medical procedure, you will also need to inquire about any disability coverage – both long term disability as well as short term disability. If your employer offers disability coverage, prior to your surgery be sure you know what the payment benefits will be and how you can efficiently acquire those benefits.

Contacting your mortgage company, your utility companies, and credit card companies often will benefit you as many of these companies will offer deferment of payments for 30-180 days. If you are concerned that your income will be significantly reduced, being proactive and contacting these companies prior to your double knee replacement surgery will help you in mitigating cancellation or risks for collections. With early notice, many companies have a method to provide assistance to their clients. When times are tough, you can opt for personal loans and get $100 – $15,000. To apply for a personal loan in Nebraska near you, for example, you can use online companies like this one. They offer a fast and reliable service, and support is great too.

Major surgery is frightening from many aspects and a double knee replacement surgery can be one of the most anxiety-inducing. Because the surgery leaves a patient immobile, there are significant events that can occur after surgery has taken place. If you are about to undergo this surgery, be sure to take these necessary personal financial steps to ensure you are, at least, well prepared from a financial standpoint. In doing so, you can alleviate many of the anxieties that develop after knee surgery has taken place.